team - Erasmus University

Dr. Rob Willemsen’s team at Erasmus University

As the pace of Fragile X research accelerates, the prospects of finding effective treatments and a cure for Fragile X and autism continue to improve. FRAXA funded research teams are leading the way.

FRAXA funded research spans the spectrum of basic science, pre-clinical, and clinical research — all coordinated to make the most of each dollar. We maintain a diversified approach, developing several treatment strategies in parallel, since success is never certain in developing a single drug. We continue to fund research to define the precise defect in the Fragile X brain, because these basic studies may yield additional important therapeutic targets.

In the words of FRAXA Scientific Advisor, Dr. Justin Fallon, “Fragile X is poised to become a triumph for translational research and the design of rational therapeutics for brain disease.”

Map of research teams with FRAXA funding

Yellow and green pegs denote currently active grants; others have gone on to gain grants from other sources such as NIH. All these teams are currently researching Fragile X.