Run Your Own Event

Hold your own event to raise funds and awareness for Fragile X. It’s easy if you start close to home. Raise money in honor of someone you love, ask friends and family to help, do something that makes you feel great! You could also contact your local media and see if they will feature your event and your story. You can provide information from this website or contact us for ideas, contacts, brochures, and other materials. In addition to running an event, you can also consider running a Personal Campaign.

Host a Sporting Tournament

A tournament is a great way to raise money and unite people with a common interest. What’s your favorite hobby? Whether your favorite sports activity is golf, fishing, cornhole, basketball, soccer or anything in between, use your passion to get creative and bring people together to raise funds for FRAXA and Fragile X research.

Previous Sporting Tournament Examples

Participate in a Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, etc

If you’re an avid runner or walker, join #TeamFRAXA runners by entering a race and raising funds for Fragile X research. Find a race or walk that you are interested in participating, set up a fundraising page and ask your friends and family to support your efforts by donating to FRAXA. We’ve had runners in the Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon and several half marathons and local 5K’s. We can help you set up an online fundraising page and list your event on our site.

Examples of Running a Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, etc

Organize a Fitness Fundraiser

Organize a group fitness class like CrossFit, spinning, yoga or Zumba. Participants pay money to participate in the event, which can last for an hour, or longer in the case of zumbathon.

Examples of a Fitness Fundraiser

Host a Party, Dinner, Wine or Beer Tasting

Party, dinner and wine or beer tasting events are popular fundraising choices because the scope of the event is limited only by your creativity! Gather your friends and family for a special dinner, a farm to table dinner, or wine tasting at your home, at a restaurant or your favorite special location. Don’t forget all of the craft beer breweries, maybe a beer tasting night instead of wine tasting. Add an auction to your event to add to the fun and raise more money. FRAXA can help you with ideas.

Party, Dinner, Wine or Beer Tasting Examples

Donations in Lieu of Gifts

A great way to turn an already-planned celebration into a fundraising endeavor is to ask guests to bring a donation for FRAXA in the amount they planned to spend on a host or hostess gift.

Get Creative

An excellent way to get inspiration for your event is to think about what makes your event special. Are you honoring a friend or family member? If so, what are his or her special interests or hobbies? Incorporating these ideas can be a great way to make a commemorative event even more personal!

We're Here to Help!

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