World Fragile X Day

Every year on July 22, FRAXA Research Foundation and partners celebrate World Fragile X Day with communities around the world. Join Us!

World Fragile X Day (WFXD) celebrates families impacted by Fragile X syndrome and highlights advancements of research to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure. On World Fragile X Day we shine a light on Fragile X by illuminating monuments and landmarks around the world. We gather with friends and family to celebrate loved ones who shine in the face of Fragile X. FRAXA launched World Fragile X Day in 2021 uniting Fragile X families and organizations all around the world.

Step Up for World Fragile X Day

Step up for World Fragile X Day is a peer to peer fundraiser. 100% of the money raised will go to FRAXA to fund Fragile X research! This is a very easy way to make a big difference! Simply go to the GoLively World Fragile X Day page, choose “I want to fundraise for this!” and fill out your information to set up your page.

Once your page is set up, share it with your family and friends! Encourage them to donate and to join your fundraising team with a page of their own! You can create a whole team of fundraisers who are working with you to fund important Fragile X research.

Join the Illumination Team!

Each year volunteers reach out to landmarks, buildings, bridges, and more to help Shine a Light on Fragile X. You can be a part of this process to build our impact each year. As part of the illumination team, you will get locations for outreach, sample emails, and details for reaching out. You can reach out to as few or as many locations as you would like in your city, state, or internationally.

World Fragile X Day Proclamation

You can reach out to your local Mayor or to your state Governor to request a World Fragile X Day proclamation. This is an easy and powerful way to bring awareness to Fragile X. We will provide you with a Proclamation Toolkit which includes wording for proclamations on each level, outreach information, and press releases for after the proclamation is confirmed.

Peace Bridge, Buffalo, NY

To get involved with World Fragile X Day contact Holly Roos at