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What is Fragile X Syndrome?

Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is the most common inherited cause of autism and intellectual disabilities. It affects 1 in 4,000 boys and 1 in 6,000 girls worldwide.

Fragile X syndrome occurs when a single gene on the X chromosome shuts down. This gene makes a protein needed for normal brain development. In FXS it does not work properly, the protein is not made, and the brain does not develop as it should.

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How Does FRAXA Help?

FRAXA’s mission is to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X syndrome. We directly fund research grants and fellowships at top universities around the world. We partner with biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, large and small, to bridge the gap between research discoveries and actual treatments.

Treatments for Fragile X are likely to help people affected by autism, Alzheimer’s, and other brain disorders.

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Latest Fragile X News & Updates

Brett Soars To Eagle

Over the years, Brett saw a lot of the older boys becoming Eagle Scouts and decided he wanted to get his Eagle Rank, too. Carl explained the process and Brett said, “Let’s do it”. Everything wasn’t smooth sailing and Brett encountered some obstacles. After Brett decided that he wanted to continue in scouting and get his Eagle Rank, the highest rank the Boy Scouts can achieve, we realized that there were some required merit badges that Brett would never be able to get because some of the requirements were just too difficult for him. The cool thing was that Boy Scouts offered an alternative path for special needs scouts. We worked with both our troop leaders and local council and got the Alternative Path approved.
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Kathan Pierce Named Patriots Difference Maker of the Week!

FRAXA Board Member and co-founder of The Pierce Family Fragile X Foundation, Kathan Pierce, has been named this week's 2018 Patriots Difference Make of the Week! This honor is given by the NFL's New England Patriots Foundation. According to Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft, "We enjoy shining the light on local volunteers that are committed to improving the lives of children and families across the region and we hope that this inspires our fans to get more involved in their communities."
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14th Annual Fragile X Poker Run Raises $12,135 for Fragile X Research!

The 14th Annual Fragile X Poker Run was a resounding success. The previous fundraising record of $7,800 was eclipsed by >50%, coming in at $12,135!! This year a very special and moving moment occurred when Amber, who has cerebral palsy, was brought by her parents and positioned in front of the band. She was then serenaded by Mikey through many songs, culminating in Happy Birthday (her 20th). Not a dry eye in the crowd, including Amber and Mikey. Simply magical.
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