Volunteer for FRAXA

There are so many ways you can help get us closer to effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X! Contact Holly Roos at hroos@fraxa.org or call us at (978) 462-1866. Here are some ideas to get you started. We welcome you to be part of the movement!

Creative Design

Do you enjoy photography, videography, or graphic design? Use your talents and creativity to help FRAXA tell stories – either personal or scientific – using video, pictures, or interactive graphics.

Community Events

As a community event volunteer you might help plan an event, or lead or join a team to help plan team fundraisers. Or you can volunteer your time as an onsite volunteer on the day of an event. See our events calendar for opportunities and check out recent events for ideas.

Education & Advocacy

Even if you have only a few minutes a day or an hour a week, you can help FRAXA with our advocacy efforts by contacting your representatives in Congress or your state government. See our advocacy page for more information.

Online & Social Media

If you enjoy sharing information on social media, being a virtual volunteer may be a good fit for you. Help us engage communities who might not have heard of Fragile X. Follow us on social media and sign up for e-newsletters to get started.

Science Writing

If you love science and research we’re always looking for writers to summarize FRAXA-funded projects and new Fragile X discoveries and developments. The key here is to make sense of the science for non-scientists, so you do not need to have a PhD to help.

Personal Stories

Share your own stories and key life experiences with your personal page on fraxa.org. You can help others understand Fragile X and raise funds for research at the same time. Check out what others have done.

We're Here to Help!

For more information, contact Holly Roos at hroos@fraxa.org or call us at (978) 462-1866.