Friends of FRAXA, Bob Sweeney, President of the Boston Bruins Foundation

TD Bank invites friends of FRAXA to watch the Bruins

Fifty friends of FRAXA enjoyed an amazing night at the TD Garden in Boston on March 30. They gathered to watch the Boston Bruins take on the Dallas Stars. It was a great opportunity for us to unite the greater Boston fragile X community. We were able to convene and thank some of our local families and introduce them to university and biotech scientists who are working to find a cure for fragile X. The night was made available by a generous donation of the Garden View Room by TD Bank.

David Nelson, PhD, FRAXA Investigator

Fragile X Mutant Mouse Facility

With $375,000 in grants from the FRAXA Research Foundation since 2009, Dr. David Nelson has developed an impressive array of advanced mouse models of fragile X, at Baylor College of Medicine. These models are available to investigators worldwide on request. This resource has been essential for a broad, rapid distribution of fragile X and related gene mouse models and has increased the pace of fragile X research.

Repurposing Drugs to Dampen Hyperactive Nonsense-Mediated Decay in Fragile X Syndrome

With a $90,000 grant from the FRAXA Research Foundation, Dr. Lynne Maquat and Dr. Tatsuaki Kurosaki will investigate nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) in fragile X. NMD is a “housekeeping” process that cells use to prevent faulty proteins from being made. But there is too much of it in fragile X syndrome. There are already available drugs that suppress NMD – including caffeine.