Built Jobsite BBQ Raising Funds for Fragile X Research

Built BBQ for FX Research (1)

Built, one of Australia’s largest private construction groups, has a reputation for being client focused. Their personal touch extends not only to their clients but to their employees, too, as Jason and Belinda D’Amico experienced personally after their boys, Jaxson and Alex, were diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome.

Jason, a Built employee, worked with his team to host a BBQ at one of their construction sites to benefit FRAXA Research Foundation. The BBQ was open to the Built team along with employees of other companies who were also working at this site.

The D’Amicos provided flyers about Fragile X along with donation jars at the site, and an email was sent with information about FRAXA for individuals who could not attend and wanted to donate online. This fun and tasty event not only raised money for Fragile X research but also shared information about the disorder with everyone on site.

Belinda says Built has been incredibly supportive of their family since their boys were diagnosed in February of 2020. The D’Amicos have been very active with the Fragile X Association of Australia since their diagnosis.

Built generously offered to match $2,500 in donations for FRAXA. We sincerely thank the D’Amicos and the Built team for enabling FRAXA to fund additional research aimed at finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X!