Impact of the Fragile X Community

At FRAXA Research Foundation, we are truly grateful for our Fragile X community and thousands of donors. We couldn’t keep moving the ball forward in research without your support. Each year FRAXA invests over $1 million in Fragile X research thanks to your support. Because we supported these three researchers, we were able to secure another $35 million in research aimed at identifying clinical trial outcome measures that will lead to human trials of promising treatments for those affected by Fragile X.

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Correcting Fragile X Syndrome by Inhibiting the Synaptic RNA-Binding Protein CPEB1

Joel Richter, PhD

The Richter lab is the foremost research group in the world in the study of CPEB, a protein critical for regulation of protein synthesis. With $170,000 in grants from FRAXA Research Foundation over 2008-2011, Dr. Joel Richter of the University of MA Medical School explored whether inhibitions of the CPEB may be a viable approach for treatment of Fragile X.

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