Functional and Genomic Characterization of Interneurons in the Fmr1-KO Mouse Brain

The brain’s balance is maintained by two types of neurons: those that excite and those that inhibit activity. Like yin and yang, this balance is essential. This team has found fewer than normal inhibitory cells in the brains of Fragile X mice. They are now working to pinpoint this abnormality and find ways to restore the normal balance and function.

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Considering Available Drugs for Fragile X: My Favorite Combination (So Far)

Which of the available drugs are best for fragile X? We tend to think of drugs according to their primary activity in the body, but very few drugs are totally selective and specific. There are differences between drugs in any given class, and these differences may be critical. Most drugs have “off-target” effects which are usually considered side effects, and it is these side effects which can have key advantages, in some cases.

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Treatment of Fragile X Syndrome via Dopamine Enhancers and Glutamate Inhibitors

Justin Cowan, PhD

FRAXA Awards $50,000 in 2011 and $50,000 in 2010 to Patricia Cogram, PhD for treatment of Fragile X syndrome via Dopamine Enhancers and Glutamate Inhibitors. This project aims to follow up our and others observations that the dopamine receptor is under expressed in the Fragile X syndrome and thus determine the effectiveness of targeted pharmacological treatments in Fragile X syndrome.

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