Fragile X Syndrome: In Pursuit of a Cure Webinar

A global webinar titled “Fragile X Syndrome: In Pursuit of a Cure,” took place on July 22, 2021 to commemorate World Fragile X Day. This complimentary event is co-organized with WuXi AppTec. We are delighted that more than 5,000 registered from more than 50 countries worldwide, coming together to raise awareness of Fragile X, and to foster collaborations towards effective treatments and ultimately a cure.

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Correcting Sensory Processing in Fragile X Mice by Modulating Kv3.1

Nazim Kourdougli and Carlos Portera-Cailleau

FRAXA has awarded a $90,000 grant to Carlos Portera-Cailliau, PhD and Nazim Kourdougli, PhD at UCLA to investigate whether a novel drug can rescue sensory processing deficits in Fragile X mice. People with Fragile X have similar problems in sensory processing. This new drug acts on Kv3.1, a promising Fragile X treatment target also being pursued by UK-based Autifony Therapeutics based on FRAXA-funded research done at Yale.

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