Fragile X Research Grants and Fellowships Funded 2011

4/7/2011: FRAXA Awarded $1,054,286 in Fragile X Research

Each year FRAXA holds a competition to find – and fund – the most promising new projects aimed at discovering targeted, effective treatments – and ultimately a cure – for Fragile X and related autism spectrum disorders. Each team has a page on this website with details.

Our competitive grant-making process ensures that the best and most innovative research gets supported, that new scientists join the Fragile X field, and most important – that we get closer to a cure. FRAXA aims to advance the kind of translational research that is most likely to lead to improved treatment.

FRAXA Postdoctoral Fellowships are for $45,000/yr for 2 years. FRAXA Project Grants vary in amount; amounts are per year and most projects are renewable based on progress)

New Project Grants $363,088
New Postdoctoral Fellowships: $315,000
Renewed Postdoctoral Fellowships: $376,198
Total: $1,054,286

Additional awards were made later in the year, bringing 2011 total funding to $1.2 million

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