Start a Personal Fundraising Campaign

One of the best ways to support Fragile X research is to appeal to your family, friends and coworkers. No one knows better the challenges you and your family experience every day than those who care about you. It takes a village to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X. Reaching out to your network will not only accelerates breakthrough Fragile X Research, it continue to provide hope to families around the world.

Online Giving Page

Simply create a personal fundraising page and spread the word to friends, family and colleagues about why supporting Fragile X research at FRAXA is important. Make it personal and add lots of photos!

Sample FRAXA Personal Fundraising Campaigns

Personal Appeal Letter

You can write a letter to send by mail. Some of your family and friends may not be comfortable making online donations, and a letter asking for donations can be impactful because many people don’t receive a lot of personal letters in the US Mail. You can ask for checks mailed to FRAXA and also add the link to your personal giving page. Don’t forget to include photos!

FRAXA Research Foundation
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Sample Personal Appeal Letters

Special Occasion Greeting Card

Writing to your family and friends asking for them to send a greeting card to your son/daughter is a great way to have positive impact on your child, while indirectly asking for donations in his/her name. Whether it’s a religious holiday like Christmas or Hanukkah, a birthday, anniversary or other spiritual or personal occasion to recognize, ask friends and family to send a personal card in the mail. Express how much it will mean to your child to get well wishes on a special occasion. In your letter, you can indirectly ask for a donation to FRAXA in his/her name.

Sample Special Occasion Greeting Card

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