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Goal: $15,000. To Date: $15,030

November 2019

Dear Friends and Family,

Do you have a daily routine? Of course most of us do. Routines just make things easier and automatic. But when our routines get disrupted, it can be unsettling.

It’s like driving. You’re in your lane cruising along the freeway when somebody drifts over from their lane into yours. It’s startling and upsetting. You’ll likely honk your horn or swerve, but it definitely gets your heart pounding.

Another example might be that phone call with technical support. You expect to dial in, press a button or two, and explain your issue to a friendly & helpful support person. What you frequently get is likely an endless loop of auto-responses. If you’re lucky, you might actually reach somebody in an overseas call-center speaking broken English. It’s very tough to keep your cool in these types of situations when your expectations are a bit detached from reality.

Fragile X syndrome is like that, but it’s amplified exponentially in brains of people with this disorder. Our children have expectations of how the day should go, but due to the impacts of their disease, any little hiccup in their daily routine can cause pandemonium.

Lucas lives for his routines. Unfortunately, life gives us unexpected twists and turns and things very often don’t go our way. This is extremely hard for people living with Fragile X to overcome. Please help us make life easier for Lucas and people like him across the planet living with this rare disease. We can fix this.

Your support of FRAXA over the past years has been phenomenal, and we are again reaching out for help. Please consider a donation RIGHT NOW, and please read more about how your previous donations have been put to work in the update from Dr. Mike Tranfaglia.

Our sincere thanks & love,

Dean, Stefanie, Sydney, Courtney & Lucas Clark

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Lucas Clark
Lucas Clark
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