Lucas Hopes You will Support the Clark Family Campaign

Goal: $15,000 • To Date: $23,730

November 2020

Dear Friends and Family,

What can be said about 2020 other than we all want it to be plowed under! It was especially challenging and disruptive for our son/grandson Lucas. His routine is critical to relieving his stress. He mostly blamed us for what he thought was clearly anarchy against his way of living. One of his favorite activities, going out to dinner on weekends, evaporated overnight. The daily bus to his adult program stopped showing up. Our planned vacation to Hawaii, Lucas’ favorite and only vacation request, was of course cancelled.

Making things worse, Lucas had to have surgery to remove ingrown toenails from both of his big toes. It was a tough year for our little buddy!

We’ve all suffered, but times like this are even harder for people suffering from Fragile X syndrome. Pandemics, politics and social unrest are simply too abstract for Lucas. Perhaps that’s the silver lining but removing the simple pleasures in life from people that can’t comprehend the “why” is incredibly frustrating.

All the while, researchers have made significant progress towards finding viable and exciting potential treatments for Fragile X. This is solely because of you, our friends and family, where nearly 90% of all of your donations go directly to Fragile X research.

Your support of FRAXA over the past years has been phenomenal, and we are again reaching out for help. Please consider a donation RIGHT NOW.

Our sincere thanks & love,

Dean, Stefanie, Sydney, Courtney & Lucas Clark, Tom & Linda Leonard, and Aggie O’Neill

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