Investigating Gene Reactivation to Treat Fragile X Syndrome

With a $180,000 grant from FRAXA Research Foundation from 2016-2017, Dr. Jeannie Lee and her team at Harvard are working to reactivate the gene that is silenced in fragile X syndrome.

Jeannie Lee - Fragile X researcher
$180,000 Grant
Jeannie T. Lee MD, PhD
Principal Investigator
Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital
2016-2017 FRAXA Research Grant
$180,000 over 2 Years

Dr. Lee is an expert in the mechanisms of X-chromosome inactivation. This is an essential process for females (who have two X chromosomes in every cell) because it is critical to have the proper dosage of X chromosome genes. In females with fragile X, one of the two X chromosomes is not being used in each cell. So one way to treat fragile X in females would be to unlock the potential of the silenced good gene.

Interestingly, the specific mechanism that silences an X chromosome in females is similar to the mechanism that shuts down the FMR1 gene in males who have fragile X syndrome. So, Dr. Lee’s studies may also point to a way to reactivate the silenced gene in males.

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