FRAXA is Thinking About You

Greetings Fragile X Community,

We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, this is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that, for many, is filled with uncertainty. Like many of you, we have family members at home with Fragile X syndrome. We truly understand what a great challenge this can be and are here to lend a hand. Today, this means something very different from focusing on Fragile X mice or fruit flies. We want to be as helpful to the community as possible right now by providing resources for your home and social life. Please check our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed for updates as we share web resources and host virtual gatherings in the near future for families and friends.

Principally, we hope all of you are safe and well. Let’s all work together to help flatten the curve.

If you are looking for resources on how to handle the coronavirus please look to these experts:

Thank you for continuing to support FRAXA Research Foundation. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns. Stay safe and stay healthy!


FRAXA Research Foundation staff
Katie Clapp, Mike Tranfaglia, Dave Bjork, Elle Skala, Marna Badavas, and Eric Welin