Fragile X Clinical Trial of AZD7325 in Adults

With a $51,000 grant from FRAXA Research Foundation, Dr. Craig Erickson conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of AZD7325 in adults ages 18-50 with Fragile X syndrome. The compound is an investigational new drug from AstraZeneca which boosts GABA receptors. Dr. Erickson was able to secure $60,000 in matching funds from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to fully fund this trial.

Craig Erickson, MD, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
$51,000 Grant
Craig Erickson, PMD
Principal Investigator
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
2017-2021 FRAXA Clinical Grant

Many studies have shown that the brain’s GABA system is impaired in Fragile X syndrome, and a number of medications that target GABA have shown promise for Fragile X. (See GABA and glutamate: the Yin and Yang of Fragile X.)

Dr. Erickson is testing an investigational new compound, AZD7325, which selectively boosts GABA(A). This compound is available for testing and development through AstraZeneca’s open innovation program. This initial trial will also use a number of innovative biomarkers which we hope will be useful outcome measures for future trials.

Anyone interested in learning more about this trial can contact Dr. Erickson at

Craig Erickson, MD, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

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