Makenzie Cote’s Page

Cote family

Makenzie is our lovely angel. Life is surely challenging for her and for us as parents raising a child with special needs. She has some developmental delays with a high level of anxiety. She loves going to school every day and she plays many sports like her peers in a league for children with disabilities. We are truly hoping for a cure to increase her quality of life like all the children deserve on this earth. We want her to be happy and proud of herself as much that we are of her.

In 2008, our family in Canada started a fundraiser to raise money for the Fragile X research. They started making all kind of crafts and selling them. All the profits are sent to FRAXA in honor of our daughter who was diagnosed at 16 months old with Fragile X syndrome.

In 2012 Makenzie’s dad, Dany, and 3 of his friends (Ron, Andy, and Troy) laced up their running shoes to compete in the toughest race on earth, the Tough Mudder Race in the Carolinas.

Thank you for supporting our racers  …. to reach the finish line!

This was their goal as racers, and our goal as parents raising a child with special needs! Our finish line is the cure, and with your help, the sky has no limit!

So far, we have raised more than $25,000!