Callum Cup’s Big Win: Millburn Charity Soccer Raises $26K for Fragile X Research

Callum Cup 2023 Group

MILLBURN, NJ: The Callum Cup VII is back and as popular as ever! This annual intra-club charity match is the marquee event of the Millburn FC soccer calendar and for the first time was played just after Thanksgiving. The game is played in honor of Callum Murphy, the son of Andrew Murphy, one of the club’s goalkeepers. After eight years, the Callum Cup matches have raised $120,800 for Fragile X research.

Callum Murphy was diagnosed with Fragile X when he was 2. Now a senior at Bridgewater-Raritan High School in Bridgewater, NJ, Callum is an extremely cool, laid-back young man who enjoys his iPad and trips to visit chickens throughout the length and breadth of the Garden State.

This year, the community rallied once again for Callum Cup VII. Callum’s family and friends, together with generous corporate donations from Goldman Sachs, Google, and FRAXA's $100k Challenge, succeeded in raising over $26,150 for FRAXA, marking another milestone in the ongoing journey of the Callum Cup.

Over 50 of the club's players were in attendance this year. So many that the Callum Cup had to be split into two matches. Both games had the camaraderie and good sportsmanship we've come to expect from this fall classic.

The custom-made shirts for the past three Callum Cups were created by the great folks at Spectrum Designs in Long Island, NY. The company does stellar work and employs very talented, autistic individuals.

The post-match celebrations continued at one of Maplewood’s friendliest Irish bars, St James’s Gate Publick House. “The Gate” is the home of the Callum Cup, which can be seen on display, behind the bar, year-round.

The final task of the Callum Cup was to send out official jerseys to all those who donated to the great cause. Each shirt was accompanied by a hand-written thank-you card from the star of the show, Callum Murphy.

Millburn FC looks forward to Callum Cup VIII, along with the positive vibes, the funds, and the hope that comes with such a great event.

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Since 2007, Andrew Murphy and his wife, Amanda, have been passionately involved in the world of Fragile X, a journey that started with a personal connection and grew into a broader commitment to the cause. Their quest for knowledge and understanding has been a cornerstone of their involvement. Firmly believing in the power of research as the key to unlocking progress in Fragile X, they are dedicated to supporting FRAXA's mission. Through continuous learning and advocacy, Andrew and Amanda are devoted to making a difference in the Fragile X community.