$100,000 Donor Matching Challenge From The Robert & Ardis James Foundation

It’s wonderful to see thoughtful, well-executed philanthropy at work.

– Ralph James

We are thrilled to announce FRAXA Research Foundation’s most significant and unique matching challenge of the year, thanks to the Robert & Ardis James Foundation.

The James Foundation has offered us a matching challenge grant of up to $100,000!

  • For first-time donors, the James Foundation will match your entire gift.
  • If you contributed last year, every dollar above your gift last year will be matched.

All dollars raised will be used to fund new 2022 research aimed at finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X.

Siblings Ralph and Cathy James have long supported numerous nonprofits and educational institutions through their family foundation, the Robert & Ardis James Foundation. An introduction made by longtime FRAXA family friend and advocate, William (Ted) Truscott, laid the groundwork for Ralph and Cathy being invigorated by what they saw as FRAXA’s “thoughtful, well-executed philanthropy at work.”

FRAXA's Mission Brings Hope to Families

Armed with this generous grant from the Robert & Ardis James Foundation, we can now increase the size of the FRAXA research fellowships we offer, to $100,000 over two years, and this will help us bring top new talent to Fragile X research.

Katie Clapp - FRAXA President and Co-founder

The FRAXA community is grateful to and energized by people like Cathy James, Ralph James, and Ted Truscott who — while not personally impacted by Fragile X — understand that the work we do now will also advance treatments for individuals who live with autism and intellectual disabilities beyond Fragile X syndrome. This trust and understanding is what drives us to succeed.

For more than 25 years, FRAXA Research Foundation has efficiently invested millions in biomedical research with the goal of finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X syndrome, the most common inherited cause of autism and intellectual disabilities. FRAXA funds research grants and fellowships at top universities around the world, partnering with biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, large and small, to bridge the gap between research discoveries and actual treatments.

Ardis (Butler) James grew up in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, and married Robert G. James of Ord in 1949. In leading the foundation that bears their parents’ names, the James children seek to support causes that will honor their parents’ passions.