New Clue to Fragile X and Autism Found Inside Brain Cells

Researchers led by Dr. Karen O’Malley at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have published results of their work on mGluR5 and Fragile X syndrome. FRAXA Research Foundation provided funding for this work from 2009 until 2013.

Pharmaceutical companies have developed therapeutic compounds to decrease signaling associated with the mGlu5 receptor, moderating its effects on brain cells’ volume knobs. But the compounds were designed to target mGlu5 surface receptors. In light of the new findings, the scientists question if those drugs will reach the receptors inside cells.

“Our results suggest that to have the greatest therapeutic benefit, we may need to make sure we’re blocking all of this type of receptor, both inside and on the surface of the cell.” 

“This should be a factor we consider when we design drugs to target brain cell receptors. Do we want to reach cell surface receptors, receptors inside the cell or both?”

            – Karen O’Malley

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