Landmarks Light Up Fragile X Awareness Day

Buildings, Bridges, and Monuments will Light Up FRAXA Teal on July 22, 2019

Last year, the Niagara Falls Illumination Board lit up the Falls to mark Fragile X Awareness Day. Families from across the US and Canada and as far away as South Africa gathered to watch the splendor as Niagara Falls magnificently lit up in FRAXA teal. It was awe-inspiring!

This year, on Fragile X Awareness Day, a growing list of buildings, bridges, and monuments — including Niagara Falls — will be illuminated in teal to spread the word about Fragile X and celebrate our community.

Many thanks to our volunteers who are working diligently to enlist more sites. Imagine flying overhead at night, seeing teal lights shining brightly below. What a sparkling way to highlight FRAXA’s researchers who are working tirelessly to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X!

Spread the word and plan to come celebrate at one of the lightings on July 22. Events at each location are being planned, so please follow us here, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Each map marker in the map below has a link to the Facebook Event for that particular lighting to aid in organizing meetups. If someone is organizing it, their contact info will also be included.


Landmarks so Far

Light Up a Landmark Near You!

Is there a landmark near you that we can add to our list? Want to help plan an event on July 22? Help us light up the night sky!