22 Landmarks Lit up Teal for Fragile X Awareness Day

Last year, Niagara Falls was the one and only landmark lit up teal for Fragile X Awareness Day. This year, it was 1 of more than 20! How many can we get next year?

On July 22, to mark Fragile X Awareness Day, buildings, bridges, monuments, and neighborhoods across the land were illuminated in FRAXA’s signature teal.

Lighting Up Teal for Fragile X was the result of work of a team of passionate FRAXA volunteers. It was launched last year when FRAXA’s webmaster Eric Welin suggested asking the Niagara Falls Illumination Board to light up the Falls. Dave Bjork put in the request and on July 22, 2018, Niagara Falls was stunning in teal!

Volunteer Annie Li then jumped in with both feet, sending requests to hundreds of sites. The challenges she initially encountered within her own state of California did nothing to deter her efforts.

“California has a strict building lighting policy and all of my requests were turned down. So I just moved on to other states,” Li recalled. Within a few short weeks, Li struck gold, securing the first location, Wells Fargo’s Lighting Program at Duke Energy Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Annie’s success spiraled across the country, and within months, she had locked in locations from Texas to Maryland to Washington State.

“It’s a remarkable thing to see a volunteer dive right in and have such a lasting impact,” said FRAXA co-founder Katie Clapp.

As sites signed up, enthusiasm grew and so did our team of volunteers. We would like to extend thanks to everyone who participated in this effort to make the world aware of Fragile X.

Some special prizes are in order!

Top Prize

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals
Gave a generous grant to help FRAXA spread awareness.

Spark Prize

Eric Welin
Had the idea which started it all.

Force Multiplier Prize

Ben Franklin Bridge

Jamie Renzulli
Secured the most illuminations in a single city. Philadelphia had five!

Selfie Prize

George Hinkal
Larger than Houston City Hall, maintained the all-important families-first perspective.

People Prize

Pedestrian Bridge in Omaha

Kelly Randels Coleman
Rounded up a 50-strong crew to view Omaha’s Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

Media Savvy Prize

Jeffrey Cohen
Garnered coverage for the Tuscon, AZ illuminations by competing TV stations.

Trekker Prize

Kathy May
Trekked over 500 miles up the east coast to photograph Niagara Falls in teal.

Endurance Prize

USbank Tower in Los Angeles

Annie Li
Contacted hundreds of landmarks requesting illuminations. By the summer, even California had an illuminated site!

Light Bulb Prize

Philadelphia neighborhood lit in teal

Jodi Smith
Bought teal bulbs in bulk and handed them out to all the neighbors, creating a teal neighborhood!

100 Teal for 2020?

How many locations can we get next year? Our goal is 100, with a group gathered at every one. Fragile X awareness is about letting other people know. We families are already so very aware, every day!

Please join us in reaching 100 Teal. Contact Kelly Randels, via email at Kellycoleman08@gmail.com, if you would like to be help.