FRAXA 2010 Research Awards Funded


Program Grants and new Postdoctoral Fellowships total over $1.5 million this year.

We are very pleased to announce FRAXA 2010 awards. Projects can be viewed at the Research Reports section of this website.

These scientists have demonstrated outstanding potential of their FRAXA projects in detailed applications. We aim to help them work toward new treatments for Fragile X. Their projects are at the cutting edge of biomedical technology, and we believe that their work will make a real difference to everyone affected by Fragile X.

FRAXA is collaborating with more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies to translate this research into practical treatments for Fragile X. In May, 100 FRAXA-supported researchers will join many of these pharmaceutical industry scientists at the FRAXA Investigators Meeting. There they will put their heads together for our common goal: finding effective treatments and a cure for Fragile X.

We extend our most sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed to FRAXA Research Foundation – your generosity has made these research awards happen!

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