Step Up for Fragile X Research 2022

STEP UP Logo-transparent
STEP UP Logo-transparent

FRAXA was started because of the lack of funding and interest in Fragile X research. After years of building the FX Research community, we have the very good problem of a multitude of incredible researchers wanting to find effective treatments and a cure for Fragile X. Our goal is to fund one more that we really believe in and we need your help!

We are creating the Step Up for Fragile X Research Award. This $50,000 grant will fund a research grant that we believe will make a positive difference for our families. We’ve secured $25,000 in matching funds but need to raise another $25,000 to make this vision a reality!

This is where you come in, your participation can help us reach this goal to fund another research grant right now! We don't want to wait until next year to fund research if we can fund it now and keep Fragile X research moving forward at a rapid pace.

Step Up for Fragile X Research kicks off today and culminates on May 31.

The easiest way to host your Step Up for Fragile X Research fundraiser is on Facebook, simply set a goal and invite your friends and encourage them to Step Up for Fragile X!

We will coach you every step of the way and provide content for you to share during the event. The best part - we have prizes!

Step Up t-shirt

Raise $100 and get a Step-Up t-shirt!

Amazon Gift Card

The Step Up fundraiser that raises the most money gets a $100 Amazon gift card.

FRAXA Shop Credit

The Step Up with the most donors gets $100 credit for the FRAXA Shop.

All prizes will be awarded on Tuesday, May 31!

Contact Holly Roos, Community Services Director, with any questions you may have!

How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser

  1. While logged into Facebook visit

  2. A preview of the fundraiser will be shown. On the left you can add details for your fundraiser.

  3. Under details, you'll enter your goal, currency type and description of the event and set the end date for May 31, 2022. The event page will already have FRAXA's branding so just hit create.

  4. The next pop up allows you to invite your friends to donate to your fundraiser, share your fundraiser in your news feed or donate to the fundraiser yourself.

  5. Once your fundraiser closes, Facebook will send all proceeds directly to FRAXA Research Foundation!