FRAXA Annual Appeal – The only way to change the future is to fund the research.

Change Lives with Your Support

What is your vision for your child’s future?

You start to imagine your child’s future as soon as you find out you’re going to be a parent. You dream about watching milestones such as walking, talking, riding a bike, and going to school. As your child grows older, you begin to think about the future. Where will they work? Will they fall in love? Will they travel the world?

We all do it.

No one’s vision includes having a child with a disability. Raising a child with Fragile X syndrome is not in anyone's plans. No one expects their dreams for their child to come crashing down around a single diagnosis.

Every day a doctor delivers a diagnosis of Fragile X syndrome, dashing hopes, and dreams. Parents suddenly see that, in the absence of an effective treatment or cure, their child will always require care.

The harsh reality is one day their care will be in the hands of someone else.

FRAXA’s goal is to change the trajectory of the future, enabling those with Fragile X to become independent contributing members of society.

And we know we can do it.

FRAXA-funded researchers are working around the clock and across the globe to remove barriers for those affected by Fragile X. Their discoveries will benefit people with autism and other developmental disabilities beyond Fragile X.

FRAXA researchers are bringing innovative treatment approaches into our lives, developing gene therapy, investigational new drugs, and available drug combinations for Fragile X. The many projects that inspire hope include:

  • Harvard Professor Jeannie Lee is developing a cocktail of drugs to reactivate the silenced Fragile X gene, which causes the syndrome.
  • Carnegie Mellon’s Kathryn Whitehead is adapting mRNA vaccine technology to tackle rare diseases, starting with Fragile X.
  • In Belgium, the University of Antwerp's Frank Kooy is collaborating with an artificial intelligence-based company, Kantify, to discover and test synergistic combinations of drugs.

Best of all, clinical trials are progressing at an unprecedented rate!

We can make that goal of independence a reality for people living with Fragile X syndrome. The only way to change the future is to fund the research. We need your help. Donate today and speed up the timeline to effective treatments and a cure.

Help fund the cure!