Imagine if we could make 10 years of progress in 5 years!

Imagine if we could make 10 years of progress in 5 years!

Dear Friends and Families,

Imagine if we could make 10 years of progress in 5 years. By giving to FRAXA you can help us achieve this goal. For two decades, FRAXA Research Foundation has invested over $1 million each year into research to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for fragile X. We are closer, with new treatment options for today and enormous potential and hope for tomorrow.

This year has been one of exciting advancements:

  • FRAXA funded hi-tech bioinformatics research that identified eight medications currently in use for other conditions that have potential to lessen the effects of fragile X. We are validating these drugs with further studies now.
  • FRAXA is funding clinical trials of available medicines including metformin, ganaxalone, a minocycline-lovastatin combination, and an investigational new drug, AZD7325. Each of these trials is testing new biomarkers (blood tests, EEGs, etc.) to measure drug effects conclusively. We aim to find the gold standard clinical trial design for fragile X and thus enable all future trials.
  • FRAXA is funding cutting-edge studies, at Harvard and the University of Michigan, aimed at reactivating the fragile X gene. With technologies such as CRISPR, experiments that once took a year can now be accomplished in a weekend! The path to a cure has shortened.

None of this would have been possible without your support.

Imagine what could be achieved if we could double our investment in innovative research! Teams of scientists are awaiting our funding to investigate new treatment targets, identify promising existing drugs and nutraceuticals, and launch clinical trials (which are so very costly). Please, show your commitment to the cure we all so desperately want. Help us double our investment by making a gift today. When you give to FRAXA, you are investing in worldwide efforts that will brighten the lives of families around the world.

Thank you for your support. Your gift will make a real difference to all of us.


Katie Clapp, M.S.
President and Co-Founder

P. S. You can be confident your gift will go to research because FRAXA is one of the most efficient charities in the world, with management and general expenses under 4%.


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