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How Does FRAXA Help?

FRAXA’s mission is to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X syndrome. We directly fund research grants and fellowships at top universities around the world. We partner with biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, large and small, to bridge the gap between research discoveries and actual treatments.

Treatments for Fragile X are likely to help people affected by autism, Alzheimer’s, and other brain disorders.

What is Fragile X Syndrome?

Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is the most common inherited cause of autism and intellectual disabilities. It affects 1 in 4,000 boys and 1 in 8,000 girls worldwide.

Fragile X syndrome occurs when a single gene on the X chromosome shuts down. This gene makes a protein needed for normal brain development. In FXS it does not work properly, the protein is not made, and the brain does not develop as it should.

The Latest from FRAXA

Allos Pharma Advances Phase 3 Clinical Trial Design for Potential Fragile X Syndrome Treatment, Arbaclofen

May 24, 2023

Discover Allos Pharma’s advancements in a pivotal Phase 3 trial for Fragile X syndrome treatment, Arbaclofen. Learn how their FDA-informed trial design might finally bring hope to the Fragile X community.

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2023 Fragile X Research Banbury Meeting (1)

Breakthrough Discoveries in Fragile X Research: Insights from Special Banbury Meeting on Curative Therapies

May 18, 2023

Explore the latest breakthroughs in Fragile X research unveiled at the recent Banbury Meeting. Discover novel strategies, from gene therapy to protein replacement, that bring hope for curative therapies.

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Modeling Fragile X Syndrome using Multi-Region Human Brain Organoids

May 16, 2023

Discover groundbreaking research at UCI by Dr. Watanabe and Dr. Tsai. Using cutting-edge organoid technology, they’re modeling Fragile X brain function and advancing potential treatment testing.

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FRAXA Research Foundation Joins COMBINEDBrain Consortium for Fragile X Biomarker Research

May 3, 2023

Help accelerate research on Fragile X syndrome biomarkers by contributing samples to the COMBINEDBrain Consortium’s project. Contact Katie Clapp at FRAXA Research Foundation to learn how you can participate.

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Fragile X Syndrome and Cancer Research: Unexpected Links and Opportunities for Collaboration

April 11, 2023

Discover unexpected links between Fragile X Syndrome and cancer. Studies show people with Fragile X have much lower cancer rates. Explore new opportunities for collaboration in this promising research.

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Using Exosomes to Discover Fragile X Biomarkers

March 21, 2023

How can a blood test give an accurate picture of brain activity? With this grant from FRAXA, Dr. Martire and Dr. Boussadia will try to use unique particles called exosomes – which can travel from brain cells to the blood stream – to evaluate the effects treatments are having on the brain.

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