FRAXA Research Grant to Mario Rattazzi, MD — New York State Institute for Basic Research

FRAXA Awards:

$40,000 in 2002
$50,000 in 2000

Dr. Rattazzi’s Studies on Prospects For Gene Therapy in the Fragile X

by Katie Clapp, 4/1/2011

Dr. Rattazzi’s research was aimed at exploring ways to transfer the FMR1 gene across the blood-brain-barrier in normal rats and mice, and then in FMR1 knockout mice. The techniques he studied with FRAXA funding were 1)to use a fragment of the HIV Tat protein to target the DNA-carrying vectors to the neucleus of neurons and 2) to use the adeno-associated virus as a vehicle to carry vectors.

Dr. Rattazzi published a paper with results, at PubMed.

Sadly, Dr. Mario Rattazzi passed away in the summer of 2004 after a battle with cancer.