Knockout Rat Model for Fragile X: shipping 4/2/12


Genetically engineered Fragile X Knockout Rat will give scientists a new key to understanding Fragile X

Most Fragile X research now depends on Fragile X Knockout rats — , But mice are not men, especially when it comes to intelligence, language, and interpersonal interaction, and so it has been difficult to extrapolate from mouse studies of Fragile X syndrome to the human condition.

Rats, on the other hand, are far more intelligent animals than mice, so it is quite exciting that Fragile X knockout rats have been genetically engineered and are expected to be available to scientists in March 2012.

SAGE Labs, a division of Sigma Life Science, has created a line of rat models of autism through a partnership with Autism Speaks. Along with the Fragile X model are rats to model Rett syndrome and mutations in neuroligin and neurexin genes.

Information about the Fragile X rat model is here.