Neural Markers of Cognitive, Language and Behavioral Deficits in Children with Fragile X

FRAXA awarded $90,000 over 2017-2019 to Dr. Wilkinson to study EEG in young children with Fragile X syndrome at Boston’s Children’s Hospital.  She is working with principal investigator, Dr. Charles Nelson, Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and a specialist in cognitive neuroscience.

This study is recruiting young boys with Fragile X syndrome to participate in the trial.

2017 Fragile X Research Grant: Neural Markers of Cognitive, Language, and Behavioral Deficits in Children with Fragile X
$90,000 Grant
Charles A. Nelson, PhD
Principal Investigator
Boston Children’s Hospital
Harvard University
2017-2019 FRAXA Research Grant

With this grant, the team will identify and characterize brain-based biomarkers that predict cognitive, language, and behavioral deficits in young children with Fragile X syndrome. Using EEG, a low cost, non-invasive technique, they will measure brain activity in response to sensory stimuli, and correlate this with cognitive, language, and behavioral ratings. The brain-based markers can then be used in future Fragile X clinical trials as objective measures for targeted outcomes.

Results from this study should facilitate development of targeted drug and behavioral based interventions. While other research groups have used EEG to study subjects with Fragile X, this project will work with much younger children at an earlier stage of development.

This study is accepting participants; learn more about it here.

Carol Wilkinson MD, PhD
FRAXA Fellow

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