FRAXA Grant to Elisabeth Dykens, PhD — Vanderbilt University

Elisabeth Dykens, PhD, at Vanderbilt University, FRAXA reserach grantwith Elisabeth Dykens, PhD, Principal Investigator (2001)


FRAXA Awards:

$42,720 in 2001

Startle Modulation in Males with Fragile X Syndrome

Dr. Dykens received her FRAXA award while at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute; she has since moved to Vanderbilt University.


Final Report on Dr. Dyken’s Project

by Katie Clapp, FRAXA, 1/1/2004

This team found that young males with Fragile X have profound deficits in prepulse inhibition (PPI), a basic marker of sensorimotor gating that has been extensively studied in rodents. Importantly, the magnitude of the PPI impairments in the Fragile X children predicted the severity of their IQ, attention, adaptive behavior and autistic phenotypes.

Complete results were published in 2004.