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Raising a child with Fragile X syndrome is not in anyone's plans. No one expects their dreams for their child to come crashing down around a single diagnosis.

FRAXA is working to rewrite the future of Fragile X so that affected individuals can be independent, contributing members of society.

And we know we can do it -- with your help!

FRAXA is funding researchers around the world. The many projects that inspire hope include:

  • Dr. Jeannie Lee at Harvard Medical School published two distinct methods to reactivate the Fragile X gene, one using CRISPR and the other using a drug combination.
  • Dr. Joel Richter at the University of Massachusetts published a revolutionary new strategy that uses antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) to indirectly reactivate the Fragile X gene by targeting the gene’s messenger RNA.
  • Dr. Kathryn Whitehead at Carnegie Mellon University has developed a way to spur brain cells to produce the Fragile X protein through mRNA vaccine technology.

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