Biotech Games #FriendofFRAXA Photo Upload

Submit a photo for display at the FRAXA Biotech Games™ on September 12 and be recognized as a #FriendofFRAXA.

If you would like to add a photo of a loved one to be displayed at the Biotech Games, simply complete the form below. We welcome all who have been touched by Fragile X, including friends, grandparents, siblings, professionals and companions alike. By submitting this information, your loved will be recognized as a #FriendofFRAXA and be on display at the event to show the participating companies who they are playing for. We may also include photos on our site and feature on our social media accounts. The goal of #FriendofFRAXA is to put a face to Fragile X for those who may not know someone directly and show the biotech community that we are all in together!
  • .jpg or .png, max 32MB. We may crop the photo to apply our overlay.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg.
  • First name of the #FriendofFRAXA featured in the image.
  • Please provide a couple of interest your #FriendofFRAXA has. Can be anything from playing on their iPad, watching trains, playing in the rain, etc.
  • Please provide a couple of challenges your #FriendofFRAXA has. Can be anything from hearing the happy birthday song, riding in the car, loud noises, crowds, etc.
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