FRAXA’s Inspiration Turns 30 – Celebrating Andy’s Birthday

Andy's Story

Andy turned 30 on June 8, 2019! Andy is the reason that we founded FRAXA Research Foundation 25 years ago.

Andy was diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome at age three. At times, Andy is a delight, but he has always struggled with anxiety and mood swings. There is an image of Andy I can never forget, at 3 years old, screaming, flapping his hands, stomping his feet, seemingly trying to jump out of his skin. He couldn’t tolerate the way he felt. Many children with Fragile X feel this way. We try to teach Andy basic skills to increase his independence but, realistically, we are unable to leave him alone for even 15 minutes.

He lives at home with us, his mom and dad, two cats and a dog. He can understand most of what people say, but is usually too anxious to let you know. He will cover his face whenever someone walks into the room – even me or his dad!

Katie Andy horse

Andy attends a supported farm program which he absolutely loves. He is building beautiful, strong bonds with favorite staff members, an alpaca named Precious and a donkey named Desi – who Andy is slowly and deliberately training to overcome his fears and climb into a trailer.

We don’t know what the future holds for Andy, but we know his best hope is research to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X.

All donations made for Andy’s fundraiser will go straight to research. Thank you for reading this far and thank you for considering making a gift in honor of Andy’s 30th birthday!

Without Andy, there would be no FRAXA.

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Goal: $3000 To Date: $2680

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